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Midget! & Gavin Bryars


For their new album, the duo Midget! (Claire Vailler, Mocke Depret) have had their songs arranged by the famous British composer Gavin Bryars. To perform Qui parle ombre with them, an operatic suite combining scholarly music and song format, the group has called on 9 musicians from ensemble 0 and 4 singers from the Macadam ensemble.



Claire Vailler (vocals, composition), Mocke (guitar, composition), Gavin Bryars (arrangements, direction)

Ensemble 0 :

Tomoko Katsura (violin), Carla Pallone (viola), Céline Flamen (cello), Nour Trottier (flute), Julien Pontvianne (clarinet), Sophie Bernado (bassoon), Nicolas Chedmail (horn), Stéphane Garin (percussion), Youen Cadiou (double bass).

Macadam Ensemble :

Alice Kamenesky, Anaïs Vintour, Corinne Bahuaud, Marie Pouchelon (choir), Etienne Ferchaud (choirmaster).

Past performances: Le 104 (Paris) / Opéra Underground (Lyon)

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