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Since 2017, nuit#couchée is our festival of radio and sound creation, curated by ensemble 0's Stéphane Garin. The festival is happening during one whole night, starting at 23:00 and ending at 6:00 (with breakfast), with the audience lying on matresses, listening to new works of 1h made by selected sound artists.

Have already performed: Dominique Balaÿ, Maya Boquet, Falter Bramnk, Christophe Cardoen, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Clara De Asis, Maxime Denuc, d’incise, Claire Diterzi, Céline Du Chéné, Xabier Erkizia, Jean-Philippe Gross, Will Guthrie, Klimperei, Henri Landré, Rainier Lericolais, Stephan Matthieu, Marc Namblard, Laurent Paulré, Marc Pichelin, Floriane Pochon, Anne-Julie Rollet, Matthieu Saladin, David Sanson, Julien Sarti, Nicolas Thirion, Thomas Tilly, Vincil from Ummo.

Commissions from nuit#couchée : Fragments of an unfinished tale (A Cinematic Story), Afredo Costa Monteiro - Palma Arts Acustica 2017 / Sommeil paradoxal, Julien Sarti - Prix Art sonore/Sacem, Phonurgia 2018 / Dormance (Petites hantises faites maison), Floriane Pochon - 2019


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