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Joël Mérah / Stéphane Garin / Sylvain Chauveau (ensemble 0)
"Impeccably tasteful stuff, treading that thin line between arty minimalism and head-nodding accessibility" - Norman Records (UK)
Jojoni is a suite of original acoustic pieces for metal percussion and guitars, composed and performed by the trio of founding members of ensemble 0. It is the follow-up to Soñando, their first album as a trio, which allowed them to tour in six different countries (France, Japan, Taiwan, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany) on two continents (Europe, Asia).

From now on, in order to restrict its carbon emissions, the trio is touring in train + bicycle.

The new album Jojoni will be out in Spring 2023.

Total duration: 50’
Personnel: Sylvain Chauveau (acoustic guitar, glockenspiel), Stéphane Garin (metal percussion, glockenspiel), Joël Mérah (acoustic guitar)
Past performances
: Harriet Baita marquee (St-Jean-de-Luz), Guilhou Woods (Boucau), Trinquet (La Bastide-Clairence), Léon-Bonnat Park (Bayonne)

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