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Aphex Twin
Nannou (I & II) **

Gavin Bryars
One Last Bar Then Joe Can Sing

John Cage


Credo In Us

Double Music


Haikai ****

Imaginary Landscape

Living Room Music

Radio Music

Second Construction

Clogs (Bryce Dessner, Padma Newsome, Rachael Elliott, Thomas Kozumplik)
Lantern ***


Elliot Cole


Viet Cuong
Water, Wine, Brandy, Brine


Henry Cowell

Set Of Five

Roland Dahinden

Navigate ****

Jody Diamond
Anyone Can Play


Florencia Di Concilio


Julius Eastman


Morton Feldman
Madame Press Died Last Week At Ninety *

Mary Ann’s Theme **

Nature Pieces

Projection III

Michael Jon Fink



Two Pieces For Celesta

Christopher Fox
Everything You Need To Know

Jürg Frey
Un Champ de Tendresse Parsemé d’Adieux

Peter Garland
Amulet (After Roberto Bolaño)

Apple Blossom

Moon Viewing Music

Nostalgia Of The Southern Cross

Philip Glass
I'm Going To Make A Cake

Music In Contrary Motion

Music In Fifths

Two Pages

Chilly Gonzales (Jason Beck)

Papa Gavotte

Rachel Grimes

At The Pond



She Was Here **

Erik Griswold
A Leaf Falls

Concerto For Prepared Piano And Percussion

Gossamer Wings

Old Mc Donald Yellow Submarine

Wally Gunn

Vicious Children

Lou Harrison
Beverly's Troubabour Piece

Bubaran Robert ****


First Concerto For Flute & Percussion

Fugue, Philemon And Baukis ****

Round Dance

Song Of Quetzalcoatl

Songs In The Forest


Fritz Hauser

As We Are Speaking

Sarah Hennies / Marc Namblard


Robert Honstein

An Index Of Possibility

Petar Klanac

Pozgarria Da ! (commissioned by ICB for ensemble 0)

Spe Salvi (commissioned by Stéphane Garin) ****

David Lang
Sweet Air

The So-Called Laws Of Nature (III)

György Ligeti

Musica Ricercata *


Alvin Lucier

Silver Streetcar For The Orchestra

Tom Johnson
Count To Five


Pierre-Yves Macé
Glissement de terrain*

Le Sentiment de la nature aux Buttes-Chaumont

Billy Martin

Heart Strings (commissioned by Stéphane Garin) ****

Stridulation For The Good Luck Feast

Midget! (Claire Vailler, Mocke)

Qui parle ombre ******

Moondog (Louis Hardin)

Barn Dance

Elpmas (full album)

Jazz Book I (N°3)

You Have To Have Hope

Angélica Negrón

Count To Five


Michael Nyman

Waltz in D

Pauline Oliveros

Horse Sings From Cloud *****

Arvo Pärt

Solfeggio *

Anthony Pateras




Tristan Perich



Open Symmetry (commissioned by ensemble 0)

Michael Pisaro
Asleep, Forest, Melody, Path

Asleep, River, Bells, Chords

Closed Categories in Cartesian Worlds

Field Have Ears (VIII)

Ricefall (I)


Larry Polansky

Four Voice Canon #7


Steve Reich

Four Organs

Music For Pieces Of Wood

Nagoya Marimbas

Pendulum Music

Six Marimbas


Marc Ribot

Delancey Waltz

Arthur Russell

Tower of Meaning

Erik Satie

Gnossienne n°3 **



Laszlo Sary

Grandmother’s Dance

Maitane Sebastián

Mouvement de neige

Arnold Schoenberg
6 Little Pieces For Piano (Op.19) *

Amund Sjolie Svee

Deconstructing Ikea

Howard Skempton

The Beauty Of The Morning

Toru Takemitsu


James Tenney
Having Never Written A Note For Percussion (For John Bergamo)

Maxi Music

David Toub

Two Rhythmic Spaces



I Will Give My Love An Apple* (for guitar)

Sekar Gadung (for gamelan)

Jason Treuting


Juan Felipe Waller



Anton Webern
3 Pieces Op. 11 For Cello And Piano, 3 Pieces Op. 27 For Piano

La Monte Young
Arabic Numeral To HF (aka X For Henry Flynt)

Poem For Chairs, Tables And Benches

John Zorn
Tashlikh ***



* orchestration: Joël Mérah

** orchestration: ensemble 0

*** orchestration: Petar Klanac

**** gamelan

***** orchestration: Julien Pontvianne

****** orchestration: Gavin Bryars


by ensemble 0

Jojoni 徐々に

for 3 performers: percussion, 2 acoustic guitars

Duration: 50’


live music over film Poetry by Lee Changdong (2010)

for 4 performers with glockenspiels, harmonium, modular synth, flute, ebows, voices, acoustic guitar & melodica

Duration: 139'

Umarete Wa Mita Keredo うまれては見えた

live music over silent film I Was Born But... by Yasujiro Ozu (1932)

Two versions:

- for 4 performers: percussion/piano, flutes, 2 acoustic guitars

- for 13 performers: 2 acoustic guitars, flute, 2 percussions, clarinet, 2 violins, viola, 2 cellos, contrabass, piano
Duration: 90’

for 3 performers: percussion, 2 acoustic guitars
Duration: 40’


Ensemble 0 plays eight compositions and it lasts 38'36

for 3 performers with glockenspiels, ebows on guitar, harmonium, melodica and acoustic guitar

Duration: 45'


Monochrome Gold

for 10 performers or more with voices, cello, viola, organ, ebows, shruti, saxophone

Duration: 30'

Music Of Wheel
for 4 performers: piano, percussion, electric guitar, cello
Duration: 35’ to 60’

for solo acoustic guitar
Duration: 5’ to 10’

For The Black Monk
for three groups of performers (any number), any instruments
Duration: 6’

for 2 performers or more
Duration: 3’ to 12’

You Will Leave No Mark On The Winter Snow
for electronics and piano
Duration: 7 years
Online streaming from 1 June 2012 to 31 May 2019

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