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I Will Give My Love An Apple

from 0 = 12 album (Wild Silence, 2017)

Suite Equestria
from Elpmas (Moondog) Revisited album (Murailles Music / Ici d'ailleurs / Super Loto Editions, 2018)

from Umarete Wa Mita Keredo (Flau, 2015)

Soñando 6
from Soñando album (Flau, 2013)

She Was Here
from For Large Ensemble album (no label, 2013)

At The Pond

from La musique en mouvement contraire album (no label, 2011)

Point of tranquility
from 17’16 For Morris Louis album (Chat Blanc records, 2012)

Mary Anne’s Theme
from Mary Ann's Theme / Mouvement de neige EP (no label, 2008)

Music Of Wheel, version 6

from Music Of Wheel album (Creative Sources, 2007)

from 4’33" EP (Onement, 2006)

Horse Sings From Cloud
from Musica Nuvolosa (Pauline Oliveros / György Ligeti)  (Sub Rosa, 2022)

Florent Plays Glockenspiel, JF Plays Ebows & Guitar, Sylvain Plays Glockenspiel And It Lasts 2:43
from Ensemble 0 Plays Eight Compositions And It Lasts 38:36 album (Flau, 2018)

from 0 = 12 album (Wild Silence, 2017)

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