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"Music that’s immediately attractive and persistently elusive" _ The Wire (UK)


"A poetic purity to the arrangements and compositions that’s strongly appealing" _ Textura (Canada)

Une entreprise aussi folle que démesurée" _ France inter (France)

"Ce n'est pas seulement Moondog qu'on ressuscite, c'est le livre-disque" _ Télérama (France)


"Very nice" _ Vital Weekly (Netherlands)


現代音楽やトラディショナルな日本の音楽のフィーリングを、“0”ならではの繊細かつ身近に感じ られる音楽へと昇華 _ CD Journal (Japan)

"Cette relecture apporte nuances et sensibilité, une nouvelle vitalité" (Magic)

"0 continue to demonstrate how much there is still left to be done with melody and rhythm. A masterclass in just sounding enough" _ Fluid Radio (UK)

"Ah, quel délice !" _ Charlie Hebdo (France)


"Magistral" _ Rolling Stone (France)

"The pleasure in the listening is cerebral as well as aesthetic" _ Cyclic Defrost (Australia)

"Toutes les composantes sont réunies dans une apothéose" _ EtherREAL (France)

“0 offers a new playground full of folds in which one can coil up”_ Mouvement (France)


"Minimalist folklore developed by a group that exposes each stroke with infinite delicacy, natural records in which the sounds are spontaneously located" _ Hawai (Chile)

“This slow and quiet material may take some time to yield up its secrets, but it has accuracy and clarity” _ The Sound Projector (UK)


"Treading that thin line between arty minimalism and head-nodding accessibility" _ Norman Records (UK)

"A single cocoon of deep, solitary introspection" _ ATTN: Magazine (UK)


“One of the most accessible releases on the Creative Sources label” _ Touching Extremes (Italy)


“One of the best releases ever on Creative Sources” _ Jazz e Arredores (Portugal)


“Essential" _ D-Side (France)


"Things build up with perfect timing to a quiet, gorgeous, really delicious climax” _ Modisti (Italy)

"Diese Musik ist einfach da, benötigt keinen Überbau, keine Theorien, keine Erklärungen" 

_ Jazzthetik (Germany)

"De akoestische pareltjes van dit ensemble zijn echt van een andere wereld"

Subjectivisten (Netherlands)

(Photo: Jérémie Kerling)

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