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Phenomenon resulting from the superposition of waves of the same nature and equal (or neighbouring) frequencies, and manifested by a variation in space or time in the amplitude of the resultant waves. - Larousse definition

Interférences is defined as a space/place/time dedicated to research, reflection and creation in the field of visual and sound art, anchored in its environment. Interférences is structured around a guest artist whose work unfolds in a variety of artistic forms, including commissioned pieces, workshops, conferences, recordings and performances. Each year, Interférences commissions a new piece, which will always be performed outside the walls of a venue identified as a cultural venue. The condition of these pieces is to interfere with reality, to be inscribed in the space of an apparently culture-neutral urban and/or rural setting (interior and/or exterior), in order to integrate the notion of the unforeseen and of chance into the rendering.

Interférences is also about reflecting on new models of creation, production and distribution, to enable the development of possible new and innovative models in the art world. Indeed, as the old, energy-intensive models of achievement are no longer sustainable in a world already far too damaged by the overproduction and liberalism of which art is a part, it is important to work together to stimulate new, inspiring forms of writing. To this end, interférences proposes encounters with major protagonists (scientists, thinkers, researchers, writers, etc.) in the field of ecology, with the aim of raising audience awareness.

The two pillars of Interférences, art and environment, will work together to create constructive phases, without ever losing sight of the fact that this collective tool may be called into question each year in its functioning, its articulation or its objectives.

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